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LG Launches V30 Romantic Variant in time for Valentine’s Day

LG will be showcasing the new colour variant at CES 2018

Phone manufacturers are finding it difficult to differentiate from competitors simply on the basis of hardware modifications. Most distinct features such as dual camera setup, fingerprint sensor on the back, and a bezel-less design have started becoming common across companies, surprisingly even across price range.
So how do you make your phone stand out? Give it a swanky paint job with a poetic name. That has been the mantra for companies. The witty wordplay, exclusivity in terms of region, price, and units produced make them sell like hotcakes.

Designed for fashion-conscious smartphone users, LG created a unique color that provides outstanding visibility and to makes this V30 an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. –LG Newsroom

This is LG’s take on its purpose for creating a gaudy color variant of its flagship smartphone. Specifications remain the same. Availability is said to be limited to South Korea at first, after which it will come to European and Asian markets shortly. Specifications remain same.

Having too many variants of a flagship device isn’t entirely new. Looking back, OnePlus can be seen doing so several times. Again, customers often feel left out when a new and trendy variant comes out right after they’ve made a purchase. Unlike HTC, which starts off with a bang and introduces 5 exotic colors for its HTC U11, although with different availability. Would you prefer companies put in enough thought about variants before launching the product itself? Or are these surprises something you like to see with every passing occasion? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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