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Get full-fidelity 3D audio on your smartphone with this gadget….

The best mic is the one you have on yourself

Well, that might not be the actual quote, but it is true! There are many times in a day when you experience something that you would like to save and cherish. While smartphone cameras have come a long way, audio capturing has hardly evolved in the past few years. This is what Lolly is trying to address.

Lolly is the World’s first 3D digital microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone (iPhone, to be more precise). It doesn’t need a separate app, battery or memory. Basically, it’s a plug and play. They claim that this records industry grade audio which can be used for films and videos. Other highlight being that musicians and composers can also use this professionally. It can also adjust the orientation and record surround sound accordingly. It also includes some other smart features, like keeping the sound levelled when you are recording something in very loud environments, like a concert from the front row.


Lolly specs
Lolly specs


But what if you are not an audio-based creator? There are a lot of other applications too, like recording lectures, vlogging, send voice notes, or even using it during a video call (“Hello? Can you hear me?!”) or your music lessons. These are tall claims. And of course, we are going to be even more vary, as we are for any of “The World’s first” category product. Overall, this seems like a promising product and is reasonably priced at $45. We should be receiving our review unit soon, so stay tuned for that!


Get your Lolly!

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