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This Fitness Band will tell you whether you are Dehydrated

LVL band – a wearable fitness tracker that uses infrared light to monitor your hydration levels in real-time and offer advice about how much water you need to stay healthy.

BSX Athletics based in Austin Texas has unveiled a new wearable hydration monitor that can easily help provide you with a “complete picture of your health” says developers by tracking your heart rate, mood, sleep, activity and more.

The LVL wrist worn wearable hydration monitor allows you to continually monitor your hydration using real-time hydration notifications.

LVL band shines near-infrared light into your body, which then comes back to the band in the form of a spectroscopic image – essentially a fingerprint from inside your bloodstream. Software in the band analyzes that information to measure specific biometrics, like heart rate and hydration level.

Throughout the day, the LVL band gives wearers a small vibration to notify them when their hydration levels are getting low. A smartphone app that accompanies the band offers an estimated dehydration level, say “18% dehydrated,” and advises you to drink a certain amount of water accordingly.

Freckleton says companies like Apple and Garmin are already making the switch to red light in some of their products because they realize how much better it is for measuring the body’s signals. When the LVL becomes available in summer 2017, the device will cost $199 (though people who pre-order through Kickstarter will receive it for up to 50% off).

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