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Microsoft announces new streamlined Windows 10 S OS

At an event in New York today, Microsoft launched Windows 10 S OS aimed at the education market.

Unlike Windows 10 Home, users can’t download Win 32 apps from the web. Only those apps from Windows store is available to download. The ‘S’ in the name stands for security, simplicity and superior performance. And the company wants to achieve all that by blocking traditional desktop apps. Users can, of course, upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for $50.

Microsoft aims to target two goals with Windows 10 S. First, it wants to provide a viable option to Chrome OS in Education market and second, the company desires to give a re-birth to its Universal Windows Apps Program. More W10 S users mean more reason for developers to port their existing web app to Windows store.

Microsoft is bringing Office 365 apps including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to Windows Store. Big names like Spotify making their way too.

The tech giant added that the first batch of devices running Windows 10 S will arrive in summer.

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