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Microsoft files a patent on foldable screen which suggests Surface Phone

Microsoft has gained a huge amount of popularity on its Surface lineup but was failed to make its mobile platform stand in the competition. The Windows Phone market share dropped below one percent in 2016 and then the OS i.e. Windows Phone 8.1 was officially dead last year. Though, Windows 10 Mobile is still alive somewhere and marks a hope for the Surface Phone to arrive in late 2018 or 2019.

The Redmond-based tech giant being granted a new patent by the World Intellectual Property Organization last Thursday. The patent in question describes a smart device that is seemingly designed for handheld use. Even more interesting, the smart handset in question is a hybrid device, one that can transform from a smartphone to a tablet to a mini laptop. This concept looks incredibly similar to the abandoned but widely popular Microsoft Courier, a hybrid device that the company was working on a few years ago.

More renders of the device are highlighted by MS Power User giving us a clear idea that how the Surface Phone might look like. The device that Microsoft presented in the patent appears to be designed to run a full OS, not a slimmed down version of Windows. Thus, if the patent does prove to be the Surface Phone, it would most likely become a game-changer in the mobile industry, offering a full operating system experience in a portable, flexible mobile device; as noted in a report from MS Power User.

A recent find by the famous WalkingCat may suggest the second is winning out. He found a collection of apps labelled windows-8828080 in the Windows Store.

Walking Cat found ‘8828080’ happens to be a part of Microsoft’s phone number. He also found on numerous occasions in Windows 10 with connections to Project Andromeda, Microsoft’s Adaptable shell for Windows 10.

Though, these are just speculations here and there for the Surface Phone which is not yet confirmed by the company. The Surface Phone may have the full version of Windows 10 or it may only have phone-based apps. It would be really great if the Surface Phone is going to come with full version of Windows 10.

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