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nanu: An app that lets you make free calls for real

There are a few apps in the market which allow free calls from app to app, but this Singapore-based Internet calling start-up, nanu isn’t likewise as it lets users to make free calls from the app to a mobile number for free, in addition to it the company has said it is already paying telecom companies in India about $ 20,000 a month for using their infrastructure to deliver free voice calls.

As these applications at present do not have a credible revenue stream and hence cannot pay the telecom companies, Martin Nygate, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at nanu said that company has a “new business model” that will allow them to pay telecom companies.

“We generate revenues from advertisements which get played instead of a caller tune. Every time you make a call, there is at least a 10-second period where you wait for the person at the other end to pick up the call and in that time, we fit in a voice-over ad” he said.

  “In India, we launched in October last year. The market for us is growing very fast here. In fact, a lot of our users worldwide are actually making calls back to India.  So this means is that a lot of expat Indians are using nanu to call back home free of charge,” Mr. Nygate said.

The app is touted to be groundbreaking even for 2G users. nanu, spelt with no upper case, has already been downloaded by over 2.5 million people out of which 60% are from India.

Overall, the app is worth a shot. Do let us know what you think about its future in the comment section below.

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