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This new feature could change the way we use Snapchat!

Not gonna disappear now!

When Instagram outed Insta Stories, many people predicted it would one-up Snapchat. And it did! This year, there were times when more content was consumed on Instagram Stories than Snapchat. Snapchat knew that it needed to do something big to get back into the game….

For any platform to thrive, it needs a big userbase. Snapchat has had a bigger following in some countries and Facebook has always tried to kill it. To say Insta stories are inspired from Snapchat, is an understatement. But, the way Insta Stories have grown over time with new updates and features led it to be the leader in the market later on. And, Instagram is also a lot more advertiser-friendly as your partner can be tagged, mentioned and plugged. None of these could happen in Snapchat, until now….

The only overall new feature on Snapchat was Snapmaps, which basically showed the location of your friends. But, the next update which is going to change the game is called PaperClip. This is basically Snap’s way to be able to add a link to any story on Snapchat. This can be accessed by swiping up on any story that has a link embedded. However, the advantage here is that this feature is open to everyone! On Instagram, you need a decent and active following to unlock this feature. This becomes the biggest plus point for Snapchat, at least in the initial phase.

Imagine this: You go to a new bar, and add cool stories from there. Earlier your friends would have to text you and wait for replies. Now they can directly just check their website by using the link you add on your story. Many small businesses could benefit from this!

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But it’s not all rosey. This hasn’t rolled out to everyone it seems. And the feature sometimes disappears. And, I have added around 10 stories on Snapchat with links, none worked. So maybe it’s not entirely stable yet. But definitely has potential. Marketing is very dynamic, and this might become redundant in a few months, so capitalize on this opportunity as quickly as you can.

What do you think? Can Snap get back into the game now? Will innovations like Spectacles be enough to save them? I am really glad they took this move. For every person who has any sort of presence online, this can be a gateway.

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