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New Pebble Smartwatch enroute? Mystery treat coming soon

Pebble, the niche smartwatch pioneer has been teasing a launch since a few days and it is scheduled to release tomorrow. Going by the timing, in beginning of 2014, Pebble had debuted at Kickstarter and in 2015 the Pebble Time was launched. It’s about time the company comes up with a successor!

I have been personally following Pebble since Kickstarter and admire it a lot. It is basic, yet does what a smartwatch should do. It has it’s downsides, like poor design and display, and maybe even a under powered OS when compared to competing Android Wear and Watch OS, but it sure packs a punch due to the near perfect functionality it has to offer. A successor would surely be welcomed, and we hope Pebble has improved the display and over all built quality.

For the last two years, Pebble always debuted it’s smartwatches first for crowd funding, but it seems to have changed this time. Due to repeated crowd funding projects, Pebble has always been perceived as a startup even after raising millions from investors. The company has also spent heavily on R&D, so it’s about time the company spins around it’s brand image from a Startup to a fairly established company mastering the wearable space.

Let’s see what Pebble has to offer in the coming future! Stay tuned to EOTO for further updates!

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