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Google’s Android Emojis get a face-lift with Android O

Emojis have let people add emotions to moribund text and helped them add a visual perspective to messages. But Google’s Emojis weren’t something that people were really fond of. They looked like if the Android Logo was dropped in mustard and slapped with some emotions.

Apart from being visually unlikeable it was very difficult to correspond with them Emojis on other apps like WhatsApp for an instance which used iPhone Emojis. This lead to miscommunication when people texting each other used phones with different OSs.

But finally, the Google Emojis now get a more ‘humanistic’  look like it’s Samsung and iPhone counterparts. This sensible overhaul was a long-time coming. Apparently, according to Fast Company, these new Emojis were 18 months in the making before they were unveiled.

These new Emojis will be baked in Android O, which Google just announced at Google I/O 2017, and it will roll-out later this year.

Check out our enter coverage of the Google I/O 2017 here.

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