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Survey says 40% current Note 7 users will never buy another Samsung phone

The Galaxy Note 7 was once widely regarded as Samsung’s best smartphone ever. Now, everything’s gone down the drain. Even though Samsung has acted very responsibly on the Note 7 Explosion debacle, survey’s are saying that the companies image has taken a huge hit which will be seen in financial results soon.

A recent survey, which was conducted just after reports of flaming phones forced Samsung to issue a global recall for the Galaxy Note 7, found that one-third of respondents said they would not purchase another Samsung phone. A similar survey found that an even higher percentage of current Samsung customer say they’ll never buy another smartphone from the company.

The phone was first released in August, but a defect caused some units to explode and the phone had to be recalled. New “safe” units were issued to customers who turned in their potentially faulty phones, but they too began to spontaneously catch fire. After temporarily halting sales for a brief period in order to launch an investigation, Samsung decided instead to issue a second recall and completely cancel the phone.

ECommerce solutions provider Branding Brand just conducted a new survey between October 11th and October 12th following the official discontinuation of Samsung’s problematic Galaxy Note 7. The firm surveyed 1,020 US-based consumers who all owned Samsung phones.  40% of current Samsung phone owners said that they would not buy another Samsung phone in the future.

If the survey results are actually taken into consideration, Samsung is in deep trouble. Until now, it had to compete with Apple in the top tier, but since the launch of the Pixel, things have changed. Note 7 was the only good option for those who wanted the best in Android, now that the Note 7 is gone, the only plausible option left is the Pixel. It won’t be surprising to see Pixel shipments hit million in no time, and this temporary  boost can drastically help Google push the Pixel or “Made by Google” lineup further into the market.

Source: Branding Brand via BGR

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