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OnePlus 2 to get Android Nougat, and other juicy bits from their AMA

OnePlus did a live stream AMA on Facebook and Periscope yesterday, and here are the excerpts from it:

OnePlus 2 will be getting updated to Android Nougat, has been confirmed by the ROM team,
VoLTE supports also on cards via a future update. They have no plans to expand in newer product categories like smartwatches, rather the company will focus on phones and try to improve there.
There’s a possibility of a Dash charge enabled power bank (5V,4A), LoopVR is not coming back.
All OnePlus phones are water resistant. They have experimented with waterproofing, but due to certain reasons that did not see the light of day. The way they check the durability of phones is that they submerge it in water for 20 seconds and then they try to make a phone call. If it works well, then it’s approved.


Bullets v2 are coming soon. No other thoughts on introducing a pair of Headphones. The OnePlus backpacks will be going on sale globally, along with some other swag.
They haven’t made a proprietary silicone case for the OnePlus 3 as a lot of good options are available for purchase already. They don’t want to add to this saturated market, nor can they bring any major innovation here.
Following the recent trend of dual camera setup, the OnePlus 4 might have it. A lot of the team members would prefer having an all black coloured OP3. However, this was shut down immediately by Carl Pei.
When asked to comment on the Note 7 explosions, OnePlus did not joke about it. They respect Samsung (and their products) as they are a major supplier to the company.
They might look into gaming accessories if there’s a lot of demand. Or at least get in some sort of a partnership if the community is interested. Also, No 3 meter long Dash charge cable happening.

OnePlus 3
The original launch of the OnePlus 3 was supposed to be around 10 days earlier, but on a day very close to the launch, the curve on the top of the device just didn’t feel perfect to Pete Lau. Hence the design was changed to give an additional curvature of 0.2mm to the back. Telekinetic charging won’t be happening because then the phones start flying. Yeah, I’m just reporting what they said.
Having a OnePlus 3 doesn’t increase your chances of getting laid, but couldn’t hurt. Talking about the future, Carl was very modest in saying that they hope they are still around after 5 years.
OnePlus 3 mini is not happening anytime soon. They did not opt for a QHD screen as that would suck a lot of battery and graphics performance for very little UX improvement. Only matters when you are using VR, which is not the majority of the time. They happily dished out a few tips on efficient charging and explained that Wireless charging is not possible on a full metal body phone.

OnePlus 3 Left Side


The camera bump was justified as a slimmer phone feels much better than something filled entirely with a block. So they made it the best Camera bump on the market, with a stainless steel encasing (against the aluminium unibody) which is just enough thick to not hurt your finger. It’s a very high-quality precision drill with CNC polishing and a 0.2mm lip around the camera to avoid direct physical damage

Some interesting info here, but nothing groundbreaking. We are still glad that they did this

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