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OnePlus 3 & 3T to get Android O! OnePlus 2? No-show!

Phones launch every year with better cameras, better displays, better internals and even better designs. But such is the pace of technological improvements that every successive phone puts the previous one to shame. So how do old phones stay relevant in this world where almost nothing is constant? Software updates! Software updates to the newest operating system give the phone a new life and vigour to keep trudging on.

OnePlus just announced that the OnePlus 3 & 3T will be getting Android O updates in the future. They recently stopped production of the 3 & 3T to keep their hands free for their upcoming flagship, OnePlus 5.

Android O’s first developer preview was released on 21st March of this year which was then followed by a second developer preview earlier this month.

The announcement of Android O for OnePlus is obviously good news for all the 3 & 3T owners but it definitely bore bad news for other OnePlus legacy devices. OnePlus, last year, announced that Android Nougat 7 would make it to the OnePlus 2 & 3 out of which the former is still waiting for some Nougat sweetness. Even the OnePlus X was last updated to Android 6.0.1 in November last year and then left to itself.

The OnePlus 2 (A former FLAGSHIP) is still within the 2-year window of getting regular Android updates. Users are still waiting for updates and haven’t lost hope yet. After all it was OnePlus who taught them to Never Settle.



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