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OnePlus 5 announced: Details, pricing and availability

The calm before the 5torm

OnePlus launched their next flagship, the 5 via Live stream on all platforms and told us everything that we need to know. Buckle up folks, it’s going to get fast! Here’s everything about the OnePlus 5 India launch too.

  • The OnePlus One sold 1.5 million units. Truly a legacy device
  • They started with the specs, saying that they are the most boring part of any phone. Even with that, these are probably the best specs on the marketOnePlus 5 india
  • Design: This is the slimmest OnePlus flagship yet, coming in at 7.25mm. The back is very slightly curved across the Y-axis so that it feels a little comfortable. The alert slider returns. The antenna lines are curved and at the edges, so as to not obstruct the design.
  • Camera: There are 2 sensors on the back, the other being a telephoto lens for depth information. The primary shooter is a 16MP IMX398 with a large f/1.7 aperture. Both cameras work together for faster autofocus. There is also a SmartCapture feature which works in the background to give an overall better picture. The second lens also helps in Zoom as well as Portrait mode. You also get a full manual mode with a histogram, and also shoot in RAW
  • Charging: Dash charge returns to give you a day’s power in Half an hour. It’s the same speed with a similarly sized 3,300 mAh battery. Power delivery is over USB Type C
  • User Experience: The Snapdragon 835 platform is built on a very efficient 10nm design, which also supports global LTE as well as upgraded Graphics. The RAM goes up to 8GB LPDDR4X . The phone also understands which apps you use more often and keeps them ready to run. The storage is now based on UFS2.1 Dual-lane which makes transfer 50% faster. They also did something to fix the input latency
  • OxygenOS: OxygenOS 4.5 adds a good level of customisation and features. The display changes color according to the ambient light. You can take extended screen shots too. There are some optimisations working behind the scenes that make the battery life better
  • Improvement: They will be working with the community and address issues and updates accordingly. There is a much bigger Customer Service network now. They also gave past examples like color accuracy of the screen and a stronger vibration motor
  • Accessories: They famous backpacks will be more widely available and in a smaller size as well. Otterbox will be making cases for the OnePlus 5 too, along with the trademark StyleSwap cases
  • Pricing: The phone will be available starting at $479 (~31,000 INR) You can use the code “Clearer photos” to get early access to the phone on the Global store. You can buy the phone globally 27th June onwards, or at the Pop-up events happening around the World. OnePlus 5 India launch is on the 22nd June, when you can buy the phone from Amazon.in, 4.30 onwards.
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