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OnePlus X is finally receiving stable OxygenOS builds of Android Marshmallow

It may have taken an extraordinarily long time, but OnePlus is finally sending out stable Marshmallow OTAs to the OnePlus X, the company’s budget phone, in the form of OxygenOS 3.1.2 (and now 3.1.3). Although OnePlus did begin offering Marshmallow in the form of the OxygenOS 3.1.0 Community Build over a month ago, it had a few bugs that needed to be weeded out. At last, 6.0.1 is ready for prime time on the X.

It also contains some significant changes in the launcher, with new icons, customization for the Google search bar UI, and a new wallpaper picker. Another big plus is that it contains the October security patches from Google as well.

This update is a result of all the feedback and data OnePlus received from the OnePlus X community builds (kind of test versions).

What’s new:

  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • Launcher upgrades
    • New icon packs
    • Google search bar UI customization
    • New design of wallpaper picker
  • Shelf UX improvements
    • Long press boards to rearrange or remove
  • General system performance improvement
  • Settings changes
    • New (native Android) app permissions
    • New Alert Slider settings with more customization options
  • New apps
    • OnePlus Music Player
    • OnePlus Gallery
  • Implemented October Android security patches
  • Gesture optimizations
  • General bug fixes

The update is rolling out over the air (OTA), and it is incremental, as per usual. You may need to wait just a little bit for the notification to arrive on your phone.

Source: OnePlus

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