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Opinion: Why I still feel Evernote is the best Note Taking App

It’s been a year since I purchased my first ever Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S6. Coming from a dead OS like BlackBerry 10, I was eager to try out plethora of apps that Google Play offers. Though I have already found all the apps that I need, still one crucial element was missing from my perfect smartphone experience. Notes App!
So, I quickly went through the big offerings from Google and Microsoft, namely Keep and OneNote. While Keep was much colorful, easy to navigate and had Google integration, it was a no go for me mainly due to lack of powerful features like note searching, web clipping and a powerful desktop experience.
My next stop was Microsoft OneNote and probably the biggest contender to win me over. Now here is the thing. OneNote is a great service. It is fully featured with lots of options (all that for free), available on every major platform including iOS, Android, Windows and major desktop versions. But, here comes the major bummer. While OneNote’s iOS and Windows apps are feature rich, the Android app is total opposite, completely garbage. It’s not that I didn’t give it a try, I was a beta tester for 5 months and all they could do was bug fixing. OneNote for Android lacks rich formatting options, sharing (really!), unacceptable UI, and sync problems. For example, I used OneNote Web clipping and it worked perfectly on my desktop app but when I try to open it on my Galaxy S6, it was no where to be found, on top of that my notebook was failing to sync continuously.
So, which is the Best Note Taking App?
Then, finally my eyes land on Evernote, the company that got a huge backlash from existing user base for price hike last month. I thought why millions of people are paying $50/year for a note taking app. There has to be something special about it. So, with huge expectations I finally jumped on Evernote. As a user who values design elements of app more than ever, Evernote was surprisingly well made and easy to navigate. It’s full of features, no problem in sync but more importantly, Evernote perfectly defines my idea of best note taking app.
Now I know that company scrapped off some features in basic plan and hike the prices of Plus and Premium version to 40%. That seems huge but here we are talking about very small number. From $50 to $70, $20 up per year/ less that $2 per month. Well, this doesn’t seem like a huge amount if you are already a premium subscriber. My guess is people are getting angry due to limitation of 2 device sync in basic plan. But, it’s just company’s way of sustaining their business.
I read some articles complaining about Evernote’s new pricing and comparisons to Microsoft Office package. Well, I completely agree with them but I am on of those who never use/need Office apps. Besides in India the annual prices are pretty reasonable, Plus plan at ₹590 ($9) and Premium pack at ₹1500 ($22). So, I don’t have any reason to not pay for Plus plan.
Some people might prefer SimpleNote or ColorNote and its perfectly fine. It’s just matter of finding your needs and choose the suitable app for you. For me, Evernote check all the boxes.
This is a Personal Opinion Article, all the thoughts are that of the author and not of EOTO. This is not a Sponsored Post. 
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