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Why you should invest in a Polaroid today

Mails have turned to emails, tête-à-têtes have turned into Facetime conversations, casettes have turned into electronic files and even almanacs have turned into applications on our phones now. It’d be safe to say that we’re living in a digital world now. And for the most part of it, it’s been a positive stride.

But if there’s one thing I miss about how things used to be, is the connection I shared with these ‘living’ things. It was almost as if that I had an unspoken relationship with them. And amongst all, if there’s one thing that I really miss being around, they’re photo albums. Before the dawn of digital cameras, cameras would print our lives out on glossy paper which would forever be embalmed in photo albums. These albums would then be found decades later, bringing in a wave of nostalgia.

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I can actually match my dad’s perspective with that of mine on this thought. My dad (like most dads) has always had an irrational fear of things which were most unlikely to happen. He’d force me to print pictures clicked on our point-and-shoot after every trip that we completed. ‘What if the hard drive crashes?’ ‘What if the laptop stops working?’ ‘What if you lose the memory card?’ These were the regular backups he threw at me, to coax me to get them printed.

It’s not until now, that I realised why he had a point. It’s just amazing how camera technology on non-professional cameras has improved which now enables us to capture priceless moments without relying on heavy equipment. But what after you’re done clicking? Sure you’ll have a look at them for a couple more times, share them on social media platforms. And then? And then they’ll slowly fade into obscurity never to be found again. The chances of you stumbling on these pictures again is next to zero, unless you actually search for them (and you still have them saved on your device).

This is why I think polaroid cameras are still relevant today. Sure they’re expensive to maintain, but what’s better than browsing through an album of pictures of your own or your son’s childhood 40 years down the line? I don’t think there are any more wholesome feelings than this.

So going back doesn’t necessarily mean going back at times. Maybe it’s the better thing to do.

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