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Q4 2016: Apple edges out Samsung in smartphone sales

The Q4 results for 2016 are out. And surprisingly Apple marginally beats the market leader Samsung with 17.8% market share. Samsung stood at 2nd place with 78 million smartphone sales that converts into 17.7% market share, tiny but still a difference of 300K units. As expected, Huawei secures the 3rd spot with 10.2% share (44.9 million units).

Now let’s move onto the performance for the whole year. Undoubtedly, Samsung holds the No.1 position with 310 million of shipments. A decrease of a whopping 13 million figure and maybe the Note 7 debacle coupled with increased competition from Chinese OEMs are to blame for. Apple too saw the big fall of 7.0% compared to 2015. Huawei continued its impressive performance from 2015 and registers the 27.9% growth in 2016.

Oppo and Vivo became the biggest gainer of 2016. The former scored a massive 111.7% gain with 92.5 million shipments. Vivo followed it with 77.9% progress compared to last year.

Probably the chief loser among top ten is Xiaomi. The company missed out initial target for 2015 and that continued in 2016 with 15.6% market decline.

What are your assumptions about 2017? Can Samsung get back on track? How far do you think Huawei can go from here? What should Lenovo plan to stop the bleeding? Will Xiaomi ever come to the US? Sound off in comments.


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