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Qualcomm Files New Lawsuit Against Apple for Breaching Software Contract

Bloomberg reports that Qualcomm filed a new lawsuit against Apple yesterday accusing the iPhone maker of using its chip software access to benefit Intel. Qualcomm says Apple failed to abide by the terms of a software license. Apple uses Qualcomm modems in some of its iPhones and added Intel to the supply chain with the iPhone 7 models.

Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. are locked in a nasty legal fight over how the chip designer charges for its products and proprietary technology. Apple is disputing how Qualcomm charges a royalty based on the price of phones rather than the cost of the relevant smartphone component. Apple partners such as Foxconn, which are the ones who pay licensing fees to Qualcomm, have withheld payments while the companies battle it out in court.

A few days back, Wall Street Journal broke a story about the possibility that future iPhones, presumably released in late 2018, would no longer use Qualcomm modems, and instead source them from Intel, and possibly even MediaTek.

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