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Samsung reported to have shipped almost 10M S7 Units

Samsung had unveiled the S7 at MWC, Barcelona this year and early reports suggest it’s a huge hit. The Korean giants sales have been declining for the past couple of years due to stiff competition from Nexus Series, the iPhone and LG. This year though, Samsung has managed to hit the bulls eye with perfect specifications and pricing.

Samsung likely shipped 9.5 million S7 phones in the first quarter, significantly more than the initial estimate for 7 million, Jay Yoo, industry analyst at Korea Investment & Securities, wrote in a report.

The S7 incorporates an SD Card and water resistance along with a better Camera and Processor. The sleek and premium design has been lauded by critics. Samsung has also considerably reduced bloatware and drastically improved it’s much criticised TouchWiz UI. All these thins when combined with perfect marketing and pricing has helped Samsung the title of the best Smartphone manufacturer today.

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Source: Reuters

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