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Samsung to ditch flat screen for Galaxy S8

Now that Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 are launched, its time to set our sights on upcoming hot smartphones arrival. And what better option to talk about rather than Galaxy S8.

Though none of the specs are speculated at this time but according to new gossip, Samsung might opt for edge only Galaxy S8. Both 5.1 inch and 5.5-inch versions are expected to come with the curved display.

The Android fragmentation is at its peak with plethora of OEMs launching smartphones every month. It’s becoming extremely difficult for top OEMs to differentiate their flagship offering from others.

Samsung already has a big advantage as the company is heavily invested into display technologies for years. And that is easily reflected in Note 7 widely praised display quality. With edge only Galaxy S8, the company can easily make its flagship stand up with looks and software. Another thing to consider here is, edge variant is bringing fat profit margins and often outselling its small brothers in key markets. So, it’s a business decision as well.

I know many will be disappointed with the news but it’s just Samsung’s way of serving their customers as well as investors.

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