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Could this be our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S9?

With the crop of 2017 flagship launches over, it’s time for the leaks for 2018 to start. Every new year is generally defined by what Samsung makes, with its S-series of phones. It is rumoured that this year the S9 will launch earlier than the standard end-of-March release date (to keep a proper 6-month gap from the Note lineup)

Today we have a fresh set of renders which I feel are pretty close to the real deal. Right off the bat, the first thing that you would notice that the bezels get even smaller ergo, a higher screen-to-body ratio. The camera setup on the bigger model now has 2 sensors (like the Note 8) but in a vertical orientation, which looks better in my opinion. This is going to be one point of differentiation between the S9 and the S9 Plus

Thankfully, the fingerprint scanner moves to below the cameras, making it easier to reach and lesser smudging of the camera lenses. A new Purple colour variant is also supposed to debut, and I hope it looks better in real life. An extra button under the volume rockers is also visible, which must be the Bixby button. It’s safe to assume that the S9 will have the best specs in the market, and class-leading cameras. But now almost every phone does that, so how will Samsung one-up the competition?

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