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Samsung’s new Smart Glow reportedly coming to S8

A couple of weeks ago a new Samsung feature dubbed Smart Glow was unearthed. It took the form of a ring of LEDs around the rear camera lens and promised to smarten up your notification lights and your selfies on future Samsung phones, but it seems there could be a lot more to it than was initially revealed.

That same ring will also be included in other upcoming devices. The ring surrounds the rear camera and acts in place of the blinking LED light Samsung uses on current Galaxy devices. At first, it’ll give three types of notifications: “priority alerts,” “usage alerts,” and “selfie assist,” which helps users take a selfie with their rear camera.

The selfie assist glows blue when the rear camera detects a face and then takes a photo two seconds after that detection.

At launch Smart Glow on the Galaxy J2 will have three functions. Priority alerts will allow contacts to be assigned colors that light up when a call, message, or email is received. Usage alerts will provide phone information like battery and charging status. And lastly, Selfie assist will pulse blue when a face is detected on the rear camera and take a picture two seconds later.

From Sammobile

Future devices will feature even more functionality, including Usage alerts for storage, memory, and data usage. One cool Selfie assist feature will use Smart Glow to direct users to the center of a frame when snapping a picture.

Furthermore, there is ongoing development of features named Weather ring and Health ring. Weather ring provides weather information through Smart Glow. After shaking the phone, the ring will glow in a color that represents current weather conditions. Sunny weather will be, for example, represented by a yellow glow, while rain results in a blue hue.

Initially, Smart Glow will launch on the Galaxy J2 (2016) in India with only the above mentioned basic features, but Samsung expects it to become an important mode of interaction.

From: Sammobile

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