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Smart Reply is now coming to Gmail

Smart Reply is now available for Gmail.

Smart Reply is already available for Google Inbox and Allo. Smart Reply is backed by artificial intelligence which suggests quick responses to your messages based on the information provided.

According to Google, Smart Reply already drives 12% of total replies on the Inbox app. Since Gmail has a larger user base than Inbox, it only makes sense to launch this feature for Gmail users.

Smart Reply in Gmail on Android


Smart Reply will generate 3 replies to a mail based on how you usually respond to messages. Through machine learning, Google will be able to give much better responses which are personalized in nature. You can directly send a reply by selecting one of these machine-generated replies or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text.

Starting today it will be available for Gmail on Android devices and iOS will soon follow suit. It will roll out globally in English first, and Spanish will follow in the coming weeks.

Check out more announcements made at Google I/O 2017 here.




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