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The teased Surface hinge is probably the original Surface Book

Today, a post from Microsoft Surface’s Instagram account made a lot of confusion over the internet. Termed as “Surface your key to success” with a snapshot of keyboard and hinge led many people believe that the team is actually teasing upcoming Surface Book’s new hinge design.

But as noted by Windows developer Rudy Huyn, the teased Surface hinge in reality is identical to original Surface Book promo image. And unfortunately yes, we have to agree with him. It looks pretty much the same. So, it turns out the Surface team is indeed promoting the original Surface Book and not the upcoming version.


He further argued about Surface team’s well kept secrecy and not to expect any leaks from them (Remember, the Surface Book was one of the best well kept Microsoft project).

That’s it folks. Don’t worry, Surface Book refresh is definitely coming, but the design and specifications are still unknown. The Redmond giant is expected to launch Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 at an event in New York this October.


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