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Surface Phone and huge W10M Redstone 2 update scheduled for April 2017

As a recently revealed internal email suggests that Microsoft is reaffirming their commitment to Windows 10 Mobile. New information reveals more clues about the so-called Surface phone.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson mentions that they are “currently in development of our next generation products.”

Yes, it’s only next year that the company intends to invest precious new resources in both hardware and software of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is planning to release their so-called Surface phone by April 2017, alongside a major Redstone 2 (and 3) OS update centered around mobile innovation. That OS refresh will bring new features for PC and especially mobile.

The bad news for Windows 10 Mobile users is that the next year will be one of waiting in anticipation of what Microsoft does next. Terry Myerson’s recent email suggests OEM partners have more devices coming out that run Windows 10 Mobile offering some reprieve.

The big push for Windows 10 Mobile, however, is still ahead in early 2017 as Microsoft pivots its focus back to its mobile story after this summer’s OS update.

None of the above information is officially confirmed yet. But it comes from a solid source, which has also been hearing about the mobile-focused Redstone 3 update. This proves that Microsoft indeed has a long-term Windows 10 Mobile plans.

Can the Redmond Giant bring something that is both productive and disruptive to the mobile industry? Let’s wait and watch, but the company is certainly going to try.

Source: Windows Central

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