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Taylor Swift to Launch her own Social Network – The Swift Life

Taylor Swift is about to launch her very own social network in the form of The Swift Life, a mobile app for Android and iOS devices developed by Glu Mobile. The platform is described as a “digital entertainment project” by the San Francisco, California-based software developer who said that The Swift Life will enter beta testing shortly.

Glu has been best known for multiple celebrity mobile games like Katy Perry Pop, Britney Spears: American Dream, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, and the crown jewel, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The Kim Kardashian-themed game subtitled Hollywood is on track to break $200 million in lifetime revenue, according to some industry trackers, and is the reason why the company continued licensing celebrity names in order to capitalize on their brands after 2014.

Rest assured that given Glu’s track record in the freemium, microtransaction department, The Swift Life will likely be full of in-app purchases. Currently, however, we only know that Swift will be getting her own set of emojis called ‘Taymojis.’

The announcement video was published directly to Swift’s YouTube account and has the star closing off the clip with the line, “I think you guys are really going to like this. I mean, I hope. It would be preferable if you did.”

Initial response to the news of the app has been varied – with fans on Twitter declaring excitement, while critics are less impressed.

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