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Top 5 Twitter apps for Android in 2016.

Happy 10th anniversary Twitter. This little bird has become an essential part of our life. Millions of people around the world use it for news information, real time updates, and to share thoughts in 140 characters. The most preferable way to access it, is via official Twitter app on Android. But the bitter truth is, still in 2016 the stock Twitter app leaves a lot to desire. Phew! But, this is where third-party developers jump in to provide feature rich and overall better experience for power users.

I haven’t included Fenix here as the app reached the infamous token limit of Twitter. The developer, in a series of tweets has announced that the app won’t be able to accept new users and it’s pulled down from Play Store. Also the apps which still use pure Holo theme, are extracted from the list. Come on guys, we are talking about 2016 here. So, without wasting any time, let’s start the journey.

1. Talon

Talon SC

If you purely hate Twitter based on its iOS inspired design, then welcome to the world of Talon. Its fast, beautiful, and heavily motivated from Google’s material design guidelines. Talon includes solid state of features, stunning layouts, eye catching animations and the smoothness you would expect from any well-crafted app. It also has built in Vine, GIF and YouTube player. Talon pull is an interesting new feature. It keeps an always on connection to Twitter, so that one can get new notifications as soon as its available. But, here is a downside of it, it drains battery like crazy. On the other side, the developer is very responsive, it even supports Android N’s bundled notifications. Isn’t that great? You can purchase Talon here for $3.99 (₹270).


  •  Beautiful UI layout
  •  Feature packed, supports chrome custom tabs too
  •  Consists automatic night theme
  •  Android Wear support


  •  No support for push notifications
  •  Talon pull is battery hog

2. Tweetings

Tweetings SC

The biggest strength of Tweetings is true push notifications. No other app in Play Store provides that feature. No need to continuously refresh the content in background. And due to this, Tweetings impact very little on battery life. The customization features are very pro. One can change every aspect of app to his liking. The developer is very active on Twitter and Google+ too. I had no problem getting my queries done within 24 hours. Just like Talon, Tweetings also supports Android Wear and Android N’s bundled notifications. Furthermore, it’s even cheaper than other alternatives. Purchase Tweeting here at $3.50 (₹240).


  •  True push notifications support
  •  Lots of options to customize
  •  Battery friendly
  •  Android Wear support


  •  The app can be slow and sluggish sometimes
  •  The swipe to dismiss image mechanism leaves a lot to desire

3. Twidere

Twidere SC

Our 3rd recommendation Twidere is the combination of pure material design and customizability. Unlike other Twitter clients, Twidere is completely free (not even the In-app purchases), open source and contains no Ads. Twidere comes with tons of features and lets you manage them according to your liking. Other features include multiple account support, custom API Proxy, very powerful filters (mute unwanted tweets) and more. If you’re looking for a change from the stock Twitter app and don’t want to spend, then Twidere is for you. Give it a shot here.


  • Completely free
  • All tabs are customizable
  • Extension support like Twicca


  • Minor bugs here and there
  • Notifications are hit and miss
  • It tracks your every movement (although you can disable that)

4. Twitter

Twitter App SC


Here is the thing. Twitter handicaps third party developers with the lack of APIs. So, if you want features like Twitter polls or Group messaging or pictures within messages, then Twitter official app is the only option. Well, after a high profile hire of Falcon app developer last year, the app has become a bit tolerable in 2016. There are some ads here and there, but it will always be like that. After all, Twitter’s business model is totally depending on Ad revenue, so we can’t complain about that. Let’s breakdown positives and negatives.


  •  No compromise in features
  •  Android Wear support


  •  Lack of customization, hell you can’t even change default fonts
  •  No chrome custom tab support
  •  No material UI
  •  Contain Ads

5. TweetCaster

TweetCaster SC

TweetCaster is the mix of Material and Holo UI. It consists all the basic features that you expect from a third-party client. The biggest strength of app is its unique UI. Unlike other apps which uses app drawer, TweetCaster relays on tabs and a separate home page to jump on different sections. One can also simultaneously post to Facebook too. The app uses freemium option. You can try out the app for free here and then upgrade to pro version.


  •  Unique UI
  •  Feature packed
  •  Available photo effects


  •  Lack of Android wear support
  •  Not a battery friendly
  •  Too much wasted space in the timeline


There you have it, choose any of these, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s just matter of your priorities. Let me break it down for you. Talon is beautiful, Tweetings is feature rich, TweetCaster is unique, Twidere is free, and lastly Twitter is where you won’t get any compromise in functions. Fire up in comments section below and tell me which one is your daily driver to access this little blue bird?

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  • ruden

    you forgot to mention that as a pro of the twitter app and a con of EVERY other app that only the one from twitter its self has the ability to send and receive group private messages as twitters not opened up the API for that and has shut out developers from new features.

  • What the hell do you even mean here?:

    “hell you can’t even change default fonts”

    Why would you want to change a freaking font? You can change the size in settings anyway

    • Not talking about size. It’s about the type of fonts. I m more comfortable with regular Roboto and in Twitter app they use Roboto light fonts. Just like in Talon or Tweetings, there should be an option to change that to user’s liking.

  • pankil

    Excellent. After weighing pros and cons of every app I would like to go with Twidere here. Looks stunning.