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Transparency at its best: CERO reveals Mark 1’s spare parts prices

Just a few days ago, we informed you about the new kid in Android world, CERO. This Bangalore based Indian startup has been making headlines about being different from their rivals. With their first smartphone Mark 1, one can engrave his/her own message in 40 characters on the metal frame to make it truly yours. The company also brags about ‘A new phone, every month’ by providing monthly updates.


Now, in another attempt to differentiate itself, CERO has announced the cost for all parts of Mark 1. We often relay of third parties (aka IHS Technology research firm, which declares the approximate manufacturing cost of $255 for Galaxy S7) to provide us this type of information as OEMs like to keep it private.

No. Item MRP (Excl. Tax) in ₹
1. Motherboard 14,300
2. Light and Distance Sensor (Small Plates) 300
3. Display Panel (LCD and Sensors) 6,000
4. Front Camera 700
5. Back Camera 2,500
6. Ear Piece 200
7. Speaker Box (Includes GSM Antenna) 525
8. Vibration Monitor 200
9. Battery 800
10. Back Glass 650
11. Back Panel Internal Parts 650
12. Charger 650
13. Cable 225
14. Side Button Assembly (Power and Volume Buttons) 370
15. Sim Tray 180

Oh and remember this, the labour cost for repair will be ₹300 along with the per item cost.

It’s great to see company’s honest approach towards their customers. So, the next time when you visit the CERO service centre, you won’t get what!!!! expression after hearing the repair cost.

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