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Two Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches being prepared by Google for Q1 2017

Google announced Android Wear’s biggest ever update v2.0 at I/O 2016. Since the second developer edition back in July, we haven’t heard much about it. Google promised to release stable version before year end but according to the latest blog post, the final OS is delayed to 2017. And with that new rumors of Pixel smartwatches have been popping out.

According to ever-reliable source @evleaks, Google is preparing two Android Wear smartwatches based on delayed version 2.0 for Q1 2017. First, it was speculated to launch along with other hardware products such as Pixel phones, Google Home, DayDream at Google event, but as the major version is pushed back to next year, it makes much more sense to release the new product that features latest software capabilities.

With LG, Huawei and Lenovo opting out from Android Wear race this year and at the same time Apple with Watch 2 and Samsung with Gear S3 doubling down on the wearable industry, it’s time for Google to handle things personally and make Android Wear competitive and cool again.

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