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Another Data breach: Uber discloses hacking details from a year ago

The cab-hailing app Uber has had a few rough patches recently. This one is one of the worse ones, not just because of a massive Data breach, but also because the company kept it a secret from the masses.

The Story

On Tuesday, Uber disclosed some details about this hacking from last year. 57 million driver and rider account details were stolen as a part of a hacking from a third party server. 2 hackers were involved in this, who then demanded $1,00,000 against the deletion of the data, like email addresses, names and phone numbers. The deal was arranged by the Chief Security Officer on the orders of Travis Kalanick. Both have then been removed from the company.

The company eventually tracked down the hackers and asked them to sign non-disclosure agreements to sweep this entire incident under the mat.

To further conceal the damage, Uber executives made it appear as if the payout had been a part of a “bug bounty”. This shows how far the $70 Billion company is willing to go to protect its reputation. Those this might make a lot of customers to lose trust in them, not to mention, breaking of the Federal Law. An investigation has been opened.



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