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Interested in 360 video? Check out this $99 camera!

It’s no secret that we are moving towards a VR driven World. While this Tech is still in its baby phase, innovation will keep making it cheaper. A great example of this is the new VRDL360 video camera by VR Dongli, a pocket sized camera that can record 3K video and much more!

I started writing this article on the second day of the campaign. By the time I finished writing, it had already smashed its Indiegogo target! So, I thought more people might be interested in it. It’s similar to the Ricoh Theta in dimensions, but costs way lesser. It records videos in a nice 3K(3072 x 1536) resolution which can be monitored by its companion app and can also be shared directly to social media and Streamed Live. This is done with two 16MP super-wide sensors, each with an aperture of f/2.0. Along with a decent aperture size, it can also bump the ISO up to ISO6400 to help you in darker scenarios. The battery is rated at 2,000 mAh, which should give 2 hours of recording or 1000 photos.

VRDL360 specs

VRDL360 makes it possible to share content on your favorite social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, Qzone, YouTube, and others. And for personal viewing, there are cool ways to consume this content that you created: Fisheye, perspective, TinePlanet and VR, all facilitated by the app. The VRDL360 app allows you to join and explore the many VRDL360 users who share their content just as you would discover user-curetted photos and videos on your Instagram’s Explore tab.

This gadget has a month left for its campaign, and ships in September 2017. At this price point, I see it selling very well. I might just splash my own $99 to get it!

Get the VRDL360 from Indiegogo!

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