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Vuzix delivers Amazon’s Alexa service in it’s Blade Smart Sunglasses

Amazon's Alexa baked into smart sunglasses from Vuzix

Vuzix is set to display it’s Alexa enabled smart sunglasses at CES 2018. The glasses are called Blade, and is a promising attempt at bringing another type of device within the “connected” spectrum.


Amazon’s Alexa will be the go-to assistant for the users, while the company claims there is scope for more services to be added as well. As a piece of hardware, the glasses seem like typical sunglasses with all types of controls and camera subtly installed within the dark shell surrounding the glasses. An integrated 8MP HD camera is installed right between your eyebrows which allows for 1080p video recording. It has a touchpad on the side enabled with Haptic vibration for a seamless experience navigating the UI on the lens. On the connectivity side, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be used as a standalone device.

Much like a smartwatch, you can receive all kinds of notifications and information on the display itself. It has a built-in noise-canceling microphone for all your interactions over a call and your commands to Alexa. This device is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can use it to navigate and display directions to a destination while placing a call on your morning run, all by carrying a voice-enabled smart glass.


This is an image showing how your shopping experience can be enriched with “location-aware access”


Even the demonstration of a video call via the glasses shows how the glasses can help you carry out activities without intruding into your view. It will still be connected to your phone and you can switch to it anytime. But would you want to shell¬†out $1000 for this piece of tech? That’s currently said to be the price when this comes out later this year, but the company is seeking to bring it down to almost half by 2019.

It is to see how these AR-enabled sunglasses are used by developers for interacting with the environment around.

What to look forward to:

Interestingly, the brochure also lists microSD expansion slot and support HDMI interface which would allow for “ideal watching of videos from almost any source. On the aesthetics side of things, Vuzix will often multiple lens color choice and thankfully, these glasses provide standard UV protection serving the basic purpose of sunglasses.

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