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WELT is a wearable that will tell you if you’re getting fat

Samsung spin-off WELT, a healthcare tech company, this week launched a Kickstarter campaign for a smart belt of the same name. WELT is essentially a Fitbit for your midsection which tracks health data like eating, steps, sitting time, and waist size.

The WELT was one of several wearables Samsung’s Creative Lab debuted at CES 2016 and is now doing the rounds at IFA 2016 to coincide with its August 30 Kickstarter campaign. As of Tuesday, it had reached its funding target, with nearly 400 backers and $54,000 in funding with a month left.

The WELT, short for wellness and belt, blends fashion and fitness with an eye on the waistline as a key indicator of a person’s health. It functions as a belt but includes a magnetic sensor embedded in the buckle. The WELT sends data to a smartphone app, which offers personalised health goals based on the data. The device measures waist sizes between 28 and 44 inches.

The mobile app also highlights distance traveled and caloric loss, displayed as daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. Users can also set personalized step, activity, and weight goals. A single micro USB charge will keep the belt running for about 20 days.

The cheapest $69 offer has already sold out, but there are several other options ranging from $99 to $179 for a single belt, as well as packages for multiple belts of up to $9,900 for 80 belts. The belts are available in Classic, Classic Men, Classic Women and Premium.

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