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Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 14965 brings tonnes of Improvements

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14965 for those subscribed to the Fast ring in Windows Insider program. The update brings several new features that aim at elevating the overall Windows experience across all devices. Apart from some common bugs including Cortana crash, File explorer crash, incomplete deletion of files and unintentional lockout from Windows 10 have been fixed.

Sticky Notes update (PC):

The build also includes improvements for Sticky Notes, bringing the Insights feature to some countries outside of the United States. The update brings Insights’ Flight Detection feature to Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Spain, France, and some other countries. The update brings some other features of Sticky Notes, which is detailed below:

  1. We’ve added email & URL recognition for every locale. 
  2. We’ve added phone number recognition to all English, German, Spanish, French and Italian locales.
  3. We’ve added address recognition support for English. 
  4. We’ve added stock recognition (for example, $MSFT) to English (Australia), English (Canada), English (India), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Japanese (Japan) and Portuguese (Brazil).

Virtual Touchpad to control External Display:

You can now drive content on a second display from your tablet without ever having to attach a mouse. The virtual touchpad lets you do more with a tablet and a second screen – just connect to another monitor, PC, or TV, go to Action Center and tap on the “Project” Quick Action to extend your screen. Use it just like you would a physical touchpad to control content on the connected screen. To enable it, press and hold on the taskbar and select “Show touchpad button”. A touchpad icon will now appear in the notification area (just like Windows Ink Workspace does), and tapping on it will bring it up the virtual touchpad.

Address Bar in Registry Editor (PC):

The new address bar feature in the Registry Editor has been treated to a couple of new features. Users can now press CTRL+L to set the focus on the address bar.

Improved Windows Ink Workspace experience:

Windows Ink Workspace has increased the number of recently used apps shown to 6 alongside a quick link to access the pen settings. The Workspace also comes baked in with other updates including redesigned protractor, updated “Pen & Windows” settings better handwriting recognition and fixed Sketchpad crash issue. Fixed an issue where, when using Sticky Notes in the Windows Ink.

Source: Microsoft

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