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Windows Phone 8.1 is dead, no more support for OS

Microsoft, the company which tried very hard to make Windows Phone exist, has officially dropped support for Windows Phone 8.1. It launched three years ago as the third and final generation of Windows Phone since 2010. The Windows Phone brand was succeeded by Windows 10 Mobile.

End of support for Windows Phone 8.1 means the few smartphones still running the OS won’t receive any more security or feature updates, or any other form of support.

“While Microsoft still supports Windows 10 Mobile, it’s not clear what that support will include in the future. Microsoft is adding a number of features to the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for PCs, but the company has not extended these to the mobile version in testing,” the report said.

As of the end of 2016, all of the various Windows Phone operating systems combined had a market share of 0.3%. And with no new flagship Windows 10 Mobile phone expected for the rest of this year, or possibly ever, that’s unlikely to change. Lack of crucial features and popular third-party apps were the main issues Windows Phone struggled with.

Here’s my own personal experience with WP 8.1. I remember the day when Nokia Lumia 730 was introduced, back in 2014. I just wanted that phone so badly. Then I finally bought Lumia 730 after my board exams. The UI of WP 8.1 is very straight-forward. You get what you want by just looking at the start screen. Moreover, a device having 512MB RAM can handle the OS flawlessly. My Lumia had 1GB of RAM and I did not notice any sort of lag using WP 8.1 (only I had experienced lag when I installed Windows 10 Mobile as a Windows Insider, which was but obvious). The camera of the WP 8.1, on the other hand, had better UI and functions compared to other OSs at that time. Nokia’s Lumia line of WP phones was charming in their own quirky way, with designs and colors that set them apart from the swathes of black plastic and metal handsets from every other brand out there. Windows Phone 8.1 was actually fun to use.

What’s next then? Microsoft has been moving away from WP towards Windows 10 Mobile, which is essentially an extension of its desktop platform that’s geared towards letting users take their files and apps with them — but it’s no real rival to Android or iOS. The company has been working on numerous cloud-based and cross-platform apps and services lately, so Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t seem like much of a priority anymore.

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