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Woman Suffers Second Degree Burns Due to Fitbit Explosion

Dina Mitchell said she suffered from second degree burns after wearing her Fitbit Flex 2 device for only two weeks. “The Fitbit itself is totally melted. The bracelet melted, and I got pieces of plastic burned into my arm,” Mitchell said.

“I was literally just sitting and reading when my Fitbit exploded,” Mitchell told ABC News in an emailed statement on Sunday. “It was either defective or really mad I was sitting still so long… I don’t know. Either way, It burned the heck out of my arm.”

We have been hearing about gadget explosions for quite some time now. From busted hover boards to the infamous Note 7. People have become aware about the hazards of a lithium based rechargeable battery. Though, most of these cases have been very rare considering the humongous amount of gadgets surrounding us, they still enlist a sense fear in consumers.

Fitbit’s Statement to Gizmodo:

We have spoken with Ms. Mitchell and are actively investigating this issue. We are not aware of any other complaints of this nature and see no reason for people to stop wearing their Flex 2. We will share additional information as we are able.

From ABC News

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