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Xiaomi confirmed to enter VR market in August

At I/O 2016, Google announced its ambition Google Daydream VR project. The search giant also partnered with eight Android OEMs to bring Google Daydream compatible VR headsets to market.

Xiaomi had been long rumored to bring its own VR solution. But only yesterday, Tang Mu, GM of Xiaomi put all the speculations at end by confirming the Chinese start-up’s entry in VR category sometime in August this year. The executive claims that the rollout of Project Daydream in China and the lack of supported headsets for the same in the country motivated Xiaomi to enter into VR industry. This move actually makes sense for Chinese company as they already offer a variety of products like powerbanks, fitness trackers, Smart Shoes, Water Purifiers, rice cookers etc.

Xiaomi VR

According to Tang, the worldwide availability of VR Headset will begin to rollout in August this year. Xiaomi also wants to make it optimized for existing MIUI users as they don’t want their recent Mi 5 or Mi Max users to feel left out. Others OEMs like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and Coolpad has done the same in the past.

If we go by Xiaomi’s image, except prices to be highly competitive. So, what are your thoughts about it? Can Xiaomi bring something fresh to the table? Sound off in comments.  

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