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Xiaomi Reported to Ramp Up it’s Device Portfolio this Year

According to a new report, Xiaomi is looking to beef up its phone portfolio by adding more mid-tier and high-end models this year. The report says that Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Vivo and Oppo are putting pressure on Xiaomi because of their broad range of handsets that are released within the country each year.

Despite recently releasing two mid-range to high-end models, the Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix, sales of Xiaomi’s smartphones have still remained below market expectations so far in the first quarter of 2017 – Sources. 

2016 hadn’t been a very good year for Xiaomi when it’s valuation dropped drastically, while the beginning of 2017 too has been a rough start. Xiaomi claims the fourth spot in the Chinese smartphone market, with Huawei on top. Second place goes to Oppo, while the third spot goes to Vivo.  Xiaomi will have to increase their portfolio enough to generate more than 10 million new sales to compete with the numbers for 2017.

Huawei lately has been releasing highly competitive devices with a wide array of choices. The P9 which comes with Leica Lense has been highly regarded in the top tier, while mid-rangers like Honor 8 and 6X have been doing well as well. Even Vivo has been concentrating at the low and mid range for quite some time now, raking in good sales figures.

Source: DigiTimes

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