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Xiaomi’s Mi 5 has May 2016 as Manufacturing Date, Back from the future?

Xiaomi launched it’s latest offering the Mi 5 in India few weeks ago and there is a hidden magical touch to it. The Chinese brand seems to be bringing back the devices from the future, and selling it in May. On the retail packaging the manufacturing date of the device is May 2016, while as of now it is April 2016.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Manu Date

This came into limelight when we saw a post on PhoneRadar regarding the same and have cross checked with the Mi 5 one of our team member has.

It isn’t clear as of now whether this is a purposely done activity or a printing error.

Marking future manufacturing dates help companies in decreasing the age of their products and which further helps in delaying the expiry date of a product. Though this type of malpractice is useful for edible products only and is illegal. But it obviously doesn’t make sense as to why will a Phone Manufacturer do so.

We are expecting Xiaomi to release a statement on this soon.

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