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ZTE to stay committed to the idea of foldable smartphones

In 2017, ZTE launched Axon M — latest phone to feature a dual-screen setup — didn’t do very well. However, ZTE says it’s committed to the idea and will expand its foldable phone lineup.

The company’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, Jeff Yee, confirmed that the Axon M will not be the last of its kind, in an interview with Engadget.

“We’ll eventually get to something that’s truly bendable. There’s a lot of others things that we might be adding over time.” Yee said.

Though, throughout the interview, Yee reiterates that the Axon M is a foldable phone, and not one with two screens. Yee further adds that Axon M received a positive feedback from those who purchased it, but also acknowledged there’s a lot of room for improvement.

While the current iteration of the Axon M very clearly has two separate screens, Yee says that ZTE’s end goal is to release a phone with one single display that can fold in and out depending on how much screen real-estate you want to use.

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