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2nd Gen Snapchat Spectacles may include AR Capabilities

Snap, the parent company, is reportedly working on the second generation Spectacles which may quite change the game for them. According to a report from Techcrunch, the 2nd Gen Specs are expected to be quite radical and will also have Augmented Reality support.

Snapchat Specs were announced back in September last year and was the first piece of hardware to come out of Snap Inc.’s doors. The Snap Specs were made available via pop-up vending machines which magically appeared and disappeared at undisclosed locations. These specs which retailed at $130 had people lining up in front of vending machines for hours on end. These specs let users take 10-second videos and automatically post it as stories without even taking out their phones.

The second generation specs is a closely guarded project and not even a lot of employees are aware of developments.

Earlier last month, Mashable had discovered the filing of a patent application by Snap Inc. for AR glasses. Hence it’s only safe to assume that live filters will now make their way to the next generation of Specs.

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Snap plans to use a dual-glass arrangement which will sense the user’s location and then beam digital content around them. Snap’s World Lenses offers a similar experience on the application which lets users walk around 3D objects which are visible in the application.

Going with the launch of the 1st Gen specs and the efforts going into the development of the 2nd Gen Specs, one can expect the Specs to be launched in the 4th quarter this year. Andy Rubin’s Essential is also reportedly working on the development of Smart Glasses.


Source: TechCrunch

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