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A brief look at Capshun and an interview with the brains behind it

Capshun wants you to shun the thinking cap you wear to find captions

It’s a very popular notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the day and age of social media, a few words are worth a thousand words. Yes! I’m talking about captions here. With an upsurge in the use of social media, captions have come to be a really important way of representing one’s thoughts, ideas and personality online. And after scouring through a plethora of memes on the internet, we all know a good caption can take a meme from being ‘meh’ to outright dank!

But if you’re one of those who just can’t seem to find the right mix of words, an application called Capshun strives to shun your thinking cap. Just upload the image on the application and it’ll give you a list of punny…uh…I mean funny captions to go with your picture. Capshun makes the use of AI to identify the object in the picture and gives you a list of topics that relate to it. Choose the topic that’s the closest, shuffle through captions and copy the one you like! To help you extend your reach, it also suggests hashtags that are relevant to the image.

Capshun just recently came out of its beta phase. Launched back in November, Capshun has amassed more than 100,000 downloads on the App Store and the Play Store, more than 1200 5-star reviews on the App Store and has also found a place in the Top 100 Social Networking Apps on the App Store.

The new update of the application features the following:

  • Completely upgraded look and feel of the App
  • Caption Type:  Select the type of caption you like i.e Funny/Savage/Quote/Pun
  • Caption Captain: You can now submit Captions directly through the app which can be used by other people!
  • Liked Caption: Click on the heart icon to save any caption for future use!


To know a bit more about the application, we got in touch with Yash Poojary, founder of Capshun, to ask him about how this idea came to be and his journey so far.

Tell us a more about yourself and how the idea of Capshun came to be?

While I was in the last semester of my college, I saw many people struggling with good captions while uploading pictures on social media so I started suggesting them creative captions and many of them, in turn, changed their captions post the suggestions which made me realize that good captions on social media make a difference. After that, my chat was flooded with people asking me for suggestions and the response I got was unbelievable. From that moment we knew that there is a market for captions. After that, it was straight to the drawing board and Capshun was created.

How much time did it take to go from zilch to launch? Was there any problem that you faced which wasn’t anticipated?

We had the initial prototype up and running in a few weeks, from there point on we focused a lot on listening to our initial set of users and started making minor adjustments, in order to start understanding the users better. Our beta got almost 1,00,000 downloads and over 1000 5 star reviews, taking it up from there we have now finally launched our 1st version of the application. There were quite a few challenges that we faced, but our vision was always clear: To suggest the best quality captions and hashtags to our users.

Chris Messina, the inventor of hashtag, has also been a staunch supporter of Capshun and is helping us launch our application on Product Hunt!

One of the most interesting things that happened is the support we received from Chris Messina (Inventor of Hashtag). He loved the application and agreed to hunt our product on Product Hunt! Imagine building an app which suggests users hashtags and getting support from the person who invented it!

 What’s the new update of Capshun all about?

So one of the biggest changes has been the number of captions and hashtags have gone up, we want to give the users more options to select their preferred captions and hashtags.

We also completely changed the look and feel of the application, made it much more user-friendly and interactive. We also introduced “Caption Captain” through which users can submit their own captions which can be used by others!

What more can we expect from Capshun in the future?

Our focus will always be to answer the question: What should I Caption this picture?. There are 2-3 things which we are currently working on as future updates but they are yet to be finalized.-

Download the all-new Capshun App on the App Store & the Play Store

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