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According to TRAI, Jio has the slowest 4G Services in India

After the mega launch of the much-awaited Jio early this year, everything is not going great for the telecom giant. I have been using the Jio SIM for more than 3 months now, and I’m least satisfied. My daily driver is still my Vodafone connection and I rely on Jio only for internet. And, by internet I mean Slow Speed 4G (the irony!). On an average in Mumbai, I’ve observed Vodafone 4G is to be between 12-40 MbPS, while Jio has hardly crossed 10MbPS on a stable connection. Sure I’ve seen a max speed of 60MbPS in Powai, but it was a one-time thing. I don’t even want to get into the Calls department. I don’t even consider it exists.

TRAI had recently launched a speed test app named MySpeed for Android and iOS. MySpeed’s online portal, however, doesn’t test the speed of your connection. It simply shows you the data of tests conducted across country.

To check Reliance Jio’s speed performance you will need to select ‘Jio’ as operator, 4G as technology, and compare with all operators. The resulting graph shows Airtel has the highest average 4G download speed at 11.4Mbps with Reliance at second with 7.9Mbps. Reliance Jio has recorded an average speed of 6.2Mbps across the country.

Network Operator Average 4G download speed(in Mbps)
Airtel 11.9
Reliance 7.9
Idea 7.6
Vodafone 7.3
Jio 6.2

MySpeed portal  allows user to go hyperlocal and shares the data of different network across all neighborhoods in India. Based on the speed, the portal can generate a map showing speeds of different network operators coloured according to the their corresponding performance.

Ookla, maker of Speedtest app, had recently published a report that revealed Reliance Jio’s speed has continuously fallen. The report said that Jio’s mean download speed across the country is 8.77Mbps. The network has registered a 23 per cent drop in speed month-over-month.

Now you may ask, why isn’t there an outrage among current Jio users? Well, I’ll answer that in an Editorial we shall be publishing soon, so stay tuned to EOTO!

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