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Android O Rumored to Bring in Revamped Notifications, Smart Text Selection and more!

Android Nougat is the best version of Google’s smartphone OS to date – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a new version in the works.

We usually get an updated Android release once a year, with the first details beginning to spring up online before the summer. Which is right about now – leaks, rumors and concepts start propping up.

A Community section of  9to5Google has organised together the top new features and improvements that are expected to come in Android O Update. Google announces the major update annually at it’s Developer Conference, Google I/O. It happens in the beginning of June.

Revamped Notifications:

From what rumors suggest, the revamp shall be similar to the one that happened with the Nougat update. There is also a buzz revolving Notifications that Sync across all your devices, something that Google has been working on under the ‘Andromeda’ project. We still have no solid idea of what the Andromeda project exactly is, reports have suggested it may be a merger of Chrome OS and Android, while many suggest Andromeda shall act like a portable OS, like the new Windows 10. It can work on almost any type of hardware and perform specific tasks. This way, Google doesn’t have to maintain Android for Mobile, TV, Watch etc. But this sounds too far fetched as of now.

Andromeda could also possibly be equipped with a Smart Notification Filtering System that understands which notification has to be shown on which device. Notifications will in essence try to determine how they’re displayed and on which devices based on a variety of factors, including location, time, and the device you’re using.

Icon Badges for Active Notifications:

It’s about time this update comes over, iOS has had this feature for quite some time now, and almost all launchers and third party UI’s now support this. It’d be great to have this feature built in.

Picture-in-Picture Mode:

With the release of the first Android N developer preview last year, Google added a picture-in-picture mode — like the one that has long been available on iPads — for the Android TV. This would seem to suggest that Google is going to bring this to other devices.

Smart Text Selection Floating Toolbar w/ Assistant integration:

Two proposed Android O features include Copy Less and Gesture Triggers. The former will suggest text you’ve got open in other apps while you’re typing, so you don’t have to copy and paste things yourself, and the latter will let you draw a letter onscreen to automatically jump into a particular app – so drawing the letter C would open up Contacts. Gesture triggers might end up getting ditched, though – nothing has been confirmed in the run-up to launch.
VentureBeat suggested that proper recognition of text like addresses will finally come to text fields on Android, and finger gestures.

Restricted Background Activities:

Chrome 57 just launched this month, and one of its most notable features is that it reduces power consumption of background tabs with stricter throttling. This stricter throttling policy in Chrome 57 should result in 25% fewer busy background tabs, Google says. In other words, it looks like Android O will reduce power consumption of apps running in the background. – 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google

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