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Android One reportedly coming to the USA

Google is reportedly planning to push its less pricey Android One smartphone platform into the US. A new report claims that the first such phone is scheduled to be launched in mid-2017 and will be priced between $200 and $300.

Android One phones have historically been produced by companies local / regional companies, like Micromax, Cherry, and QMobile. The program was aimed at developing markets like India, Africa and Spain.

Android One may not have been the rousing worldwide success Google was hoping for, but it’s still an important initiative for the company. Google has been trying to push latest updates to as many devices as possible, but due to poor software support provided by these regional makes, updates hardly reach the end user. With Android One, all the latest updates are directly pushed to the device by Google, instead of relying on the OEMs. This way, the latest security patches and features reach the end user faster. This way, Google also ensures that the applications installed on the device are it’s own, so no OEM can chose for something else and add it as bloatware.

Apple has always made a point of making sure that as many older iPhones and iPads as possible come along for the ride with each new update to the iOS operating system. Meanwhile, Android users are often left waiting months or years for updates, if they come at all, with the carriers usually left to decide which phones get which updates, when.

Google itself has taken a stand that it wants to make its own hardware at the high-end of the smartphone market with the Pixel, and if The Information’s report is accurate, it wants to ensure that its services are not cut out from the low end.

Now, it sounds like Google is partnering with unnamed manufacturers via Android One to start to capture the middle of the market, with a similar promise to keep its users up-to-date. According to the report, Google will keep Android manufacturers on board by promising to help fund their phones’ marketing, so long as they comply with the plan.

Google first announced the Android One platform in 2014, with the company’s idea of bringing affordable Android phones, with a stock version of the OS, to developing countries. So far the sales results have been mixed, but it looks like Google is sticking with its plan and expanding into one of the biggest markets for phones.

Source: The Information

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