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Android Oreo Go Edition is set to revolutionize entry-level smartphones

India has more Android users than the country it was founded in, the States. But with the challenge of making Android work smoothly on cheaper phones, Google had to do something about the operating system to make it more accessible and desirable on weak hardware. Google’s Android Go program which was previewed at Google I/O earlier this year, tries to solve this exact problem. Now, Google is launching the Android Oreo (Go Edition) as a part of the Android 8.1 release.


The Google Go Edition of Android Oreo is completely revised keeping in consumers who are just getting on the bandwagon of owning a smartphone for the first time. Every aspect from the Google Play Store to the performance and storage capabilities of the OS have been revamped to make things work on devices with weak hardware. All Android Devices with RAM between 512MB and 1GB will come with all new Android Go Optimizations.


Starting with the operating system itself, Google has made performance and storage improvements for devices which don’t have the luxury of featuring gigs ang gigs of RAM or the latest processor from Snapdragon. With the enhanced Go Edition, apps will launch 15% faster which,when cumulated, can make a huge difference to the overall experience. Android Go will also have the same security features as the full-fledged Android Oreo, which is touted to be the most secure version of Android yet. It will have Google Play Protect in-built which will help protect the phone, the apps and the data even when you’re offline.

Android Go storage savings

Considering how heavy operating systems can be, Google also decided to optimize the space taken up by pre-installed applications. Entry-level devices are usually laggards when it comes to available free storage out-of-the-box. But with Go Edition, Google has doubled the inbuilt storage by halving the size of some of Google’s applications. The new Google Go apps are not only smaller, but fast and smooth too. Google’s flagship application Google, will be made available as Google Go and will use up to 40% less data and weigh less than 5MB in size. Files Go, a file-management application by Google will also help in cleaning up space and organize storage by removing spam, duplicate messages and unused applications.

The new Google Play Go app for the Go Edition OS, will also recommend applications that are tuned to run well on entry level devices. Even data usage is being optimized on the new Go Edition. Chrome will route all its operations through a Google Server that will reduce file sizes before delivering it to phones.


So all-in-all, with Android Go, Google is really trying to make Android an operating system that takes all kinds of users in its ambit by flexing the capableness of its robust operating system. If all works well, Android Go will work in the favour of a world where access to the latest technology doesn’t come with a hefty price.


Although phones with Android Go Oreo Edition aren’t available yet, partners will soon take advantage of this revamped operating system to make cheaper phones good and good phones cheaper.

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