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App Insight #2: Best Note Keeping App?

3 Notes apps, for max efficiency!

Everyone uses some sort of note taking app for every phase of their life. Some need it for school, some for shopping, some for motivation
Gone are the days of using blocked contacts on WhatsApp pen and paper in this age. I don’t know about you, but when I sporadically do write physically it feels weird when the words don’t finish themse…..
So here’s my collection of 3 apps with different uses that made my life easier. Let’s go!

1. Collateral


Along with a cool name, this app is very straightforward. It takes ten seconds to post an entry, mainly a reminder and that’s it.

No need go back to the app because the reminder note comes to you in the most used place of your phone, the notification shade!

And even easier to get done with the note, just slide it away! There are some other features like creating a little list and checking the archive, could be useful to you. But the convenience this app provides, is unmatched for me.


2. Note to do


This one deserves a lot more attention than it gets. It’s there perfect way to have a To do list where you can easily tick out when you are done with an item. The initial setup is a little messy because there’s so much customization possible, but after that it’s pretty simple and nifty. Also, it’s a widget! So easily accessible from your home screen.

After a recent update, the navigation has become a lot easier too. All colors, sizes and shapes and fonts are customisable if you follow a theme on your phone. (I use black and pink)


3. Google Keep, Android wear companion


Calm down, holster your pitchforks, i know everyone knows about Keep from daddy Google. What you might not know, is how useful the Android Wear companion app is. So if you are a smart watch user, then this one might interest you.
Turn on Bluetooth so that your watch is connected. Then let’s add a list

Now get to your watch and open Keep

Once you open it, you will be greeted with a list of all your notes. Go to your current one, and the list is presented
Apart from being able to quickly tick off what’s done, you can even add more to the list there itself. Can be useful when you can’t reach your phone for some reason. Also, it stays as your watch screen saver for the time, making it even easier to access if you wish for it
And if you are caught copying in your exam by this, we are not responsible.


That’s it for this compilation. Hope you found something useful! If you are a developer and want to get featured here, drop in a comment or mail us!

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