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Did Apple actually ever ‘Innovate’?

Apple isn’t innovating? Maybe
But that’s not a bad thing….

When was the last time that Apple was first at something? Setting the standard for others for the coming years?

Well, it’s been a while. And it is only getting slower each year.

Just to clear up some smoke, here are a few things that Apple isn’t the first at:
Fingerprint Scanner – Motorola.
High-Resolution Displays – Oppo.
Force Touch – Huawei.
Dual camera sensors – HTC, Huawei, LG.
Mobile Payments – Google, Samsung.
Smartwatches – Google, Samsung, Pebble.

If you think hard enough, you will notice that none of these sold that well, not even close to Apple’s figures. There’s a reason for that. You might have heard this: “Don’t ever buy a first generation product”

There’s your hint. Apple might not be the first to create something, but they are the first to perfect it. None of their products seem like a beta release. Everything is perfect.

They weren’t the first to have their own mobile OS, but iOS is still the smoothest and stable. Fingerprint scanners were present for a while, but when it was featured on the iPhone 5S, it was the real deal. Fast, accurate and something that actually worked and saved time.

Force Touch was used by a few Chinese manufacturers like Huawei with the Mate S, but it seriously lacked in functionality. All it could do was zoom into places and a few other things. But when the iPhone 6S came out, it finally made sense, adding another method of interaction. It was baked deep into the OS with new features coming with every update and more apps adopting it.

Apple finally got a 1080p display on the iPhone 6 Plus, which was almost 2 years after the first Android phone with an FHD display. FHD has become the standard now, but there’s a huge difference between them. And the iPhone’s is one of the better ones out there.
Colors are very vivid and popping, and blacks are deep too. Not as good as an AMOLED, but it’s rumored to make the shift in the coming generations too. They will probably term it something like RetinaLED or some other silly jargon , but it will be pretty good.
The HTC One M8 was one of the first mainstream phones with 2 camera sensors on the back. But it seriously lacked in execution. Then attempts were made by Huawei, ZTE and LG, all with unique approach ( monochrome, wide angles, sensor depth) but again, none offered anything much better than the competition. Apple’s approach here is also one of the smartest and the most practical ones. The other lens has a longer focal length and a different field of view to provide optical zoom. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only example of optical zoom on a smartphone without having a giant design or hump. Though I shall reserve further comments on it till the time the iPhone 7 Plus hits the markets.
Android Pay has long been in the use, and Google wallet has been around for many years, yet none hit mainstream. It wasn’t that Android implementations were bad or anything, just that the adoption rates were much better with Apple and they know how to market it to actually make it very famous that even common people knew about its existence.
Being a smartwatch user for 2 years (Early Adopter Master Race?) ,I know that we are a long way from hitting mainstream, but it’s going to reach there eventually. Android Wear is great, I’d say much better in a lot of ways, but again the marketing lacked. People don’t even know that it exists, and adding to the fact that so many people use premium mid range phones which are probably the same cost as a smartwatch, there was very little market left. I still don’t see the use of one, but I’m a whole hearted supporter to promote steps in advancement of tech. Coming back to the point, if you look at the stats, the Apple watch easily wins the smartwatch market, against not just Android wear but also all fitness wearables. And considering that it was just a first generation product, I think it will be big in the future.
Tablets have long existed. Everyone’s tried to kill desktops and laptops and no one could actually do it. But here again, we see that iPads sell much more. Android offerings were never really optimized for a big screen, windows tabs were alright but everyone would rather get a laptop. And those who were deeply invested in Apple’s ecosystem felt right at home when these tabs hit the market. Personally, I’m not a big fan of tabs or Apple or iPads either, but it’s worth considering that they are dominating this segment as well. And no, the Apple Pencil isn’t anything groundbreaking so no praise for it.
One more thing that some people might not know is that they are not only big right now, but will be in the future too. They have the coolest patents to them which might just mold the next generation of tech.
It’s no secret that Apple products are expensive. People call it the ‘Apple Tax’. (Being an Android fanboy, the following lines were very painful) but I believe that sometimes this price is justified. Customer service is one of the best, support is great, software stability is amazing, and products have a long life. A controlled ecosystem works out for them. I think the amount they spend on R&D, and testing is what overrated the prices. And obviously, the crazy marketing.
Where does all of this leave us? Well I will probably never use an iPhone as my daily driver, apart from when reviewing. Maybe because that’s how deep I am, into Google’s ecosystem. But we all know, whatever Apple produces IS going to sell like crazy. And it’s always nice to know that Apple will always keep the competition on its toes, raising the benchmark with every new release. A company that it so influential, is always going to make the market dynamic. Just a rumor that Apple might not feature a 3.5mm jack, few months ago made so many Android OEMs to skip it and actually discover things like digital audio. That is the power of Apple. Look around, you will see so much of an influence of Apple on so many products. The modern smartphone with a big touchscreen, desktop, music players and so many others, are all born because of Apple’s actions.

All of these are the opinions of the writer (@jhaverinator). We at EOTO believe it is our duty to inform people on the little things that might have been overlooked, but actually matter quite a lot.

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