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Apple may ditch the 16GB Variant in iPhone 7

Apple has been selling iPhone with a 16GB starting base for the past several years. And of course, with no expandable storage available, users have had no choice but to be forced to pay a $100 premium for the 64GB to be reasonably spaced for all their content. In fact, Apple had been selling 8GB variants of the iPhone 5C in India for quite some time.

While there have been rumors regarding Apple raising the base storage amount, there is a new report indirectly confirming that Apple will indeed raise the base storage to 32GB with the new iPhone 7 models incoming this September.

Note that this is not the first rumor to suggest that the 16GB iPhone will be discontinued. Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s generations were rumored to upgrade the base model to 32GB of storage, but that obviously did not come to pass.

The upcoming iPhone 7 is said to be similar to the iPhone 6s at the visual level although we certainly expect to see updates such as a faster chipset and better cameras. Multiple rumors claim that the iPhone 7 will get rid of the headphone jack.

According to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans Apple will in fact, make the iPhone 7 with 32GB of internal storage. It is also said that the larger 5.5 inch version of the new iPhone will feature a dual sensor camera which will be used for post editing the depth of field and improved photo quality. While the standard 4.7 inch iPhone 7 will not be getting the same dual lens setup, it will still get an improved camera sensor.

In the past, Phil Schiller has defended Apple’s decision to sell 16GB iPhones by arguing that services like iCloud make up for the lack of internal storage and that the 16GB model offers a cheaper entry-level option for users.

Apple is expected to introduce its latest iPhone this September, but the major refresh isn’t expected to occur until next year.

Source: WSJ

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