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Autel EVO: The most intelligent prosumer drone

DJI Mavic Pro killer?

CES is usually the place where a lot of new exciting tech is showed off. But, this is also where we see a lot of smaller companies make products that punch well above their weight. The current drone space is highly dominated by DJI; so much so that the second best was having a tough time getting sales. Naturally, when the Autel EVO was launched at a price tag comparable to the DJI Mavic Pro, it stole the attention.

Autel Evo folded

There is no hiding that the design of the Autel EVO seems to be something that is meant to go head-to-head with the Mavic. To the untrained eye, these might be mistaken for each other. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because the folding compact design of the Mavic made it popular with a lot of content creators.

So how good is the imaging? The most notable feature is that it can record stabilized 4K at 60fps! There are multiple sensors around the drone for collision avoidance, using Infrared. EVO’s controller has a 3.3″ OLED display which can stream from a distance of 7KM. Other features include 3D mapping and dynamic tracking, to take a guesswork away while filming.

And the best part? The Autel Evo will cost less than $1,000 when it retails. That is actually lesser than the DJI Mavic Pro by a hair, and has arguably better features. We will save our criticism for when this actually comes to the market. This is a good time for potential drone customers….


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